Youth Ministry/Transformation Zone

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The Youth Ministry at FMCI presents the grace, truth and love of God in a way that compels young people to trust and follow Jesus. Each young person is offered the opportunity to be "transformed" by having a passion for the true Word of God, by having a desire to be whole in Christ, and by being a committed disciple of Jesus Christ. All of this stems from a personal relationship with God. Each one is challenged and trained to be active believer passionately pursuing God’s calling in his/her life.

There are exciting youth meetings for Junior High/Senior High/College Age Youth each Saturday night, from 4:30 to 6:00pm at our church location. These meetings are designed to be interactive, entertaining, relevant, emotional and practical. Every communication tool at our disposal is used to connect with the youth of this generation on an emotional level so they will experience Godís grace, love and truth!