FMCI Children's Ministry/Crusader Church

FMCI Children's Ministry [K-6th Grade] is about helping children come alive in God through our Saturday night Crusader Kid’s program. Each week they leave filled with joy, enthusiastic to return and excited about living for God.

The Children’s Leadership Team has a vision to raise up a generation of kids who can say: "I’ve never known anything but living for the Lord." They desire for each child to experience the peace, love and grace of God and the freedom in life through salvation in Jesus Christ.

It is the Mission of the Children’s Department to present the true Gospel of Christ in such a way that each child will be compelled to trust and follow Jesus. Each week they reinforce Christian beliefs and assist parents in the godly development of children. This develops a strong foundation in the children who come to FMCI that will enable them to live for God their whole life, especially throughout their teenage years.