The Beginnings of Faith Ministries

Why “Faith Ministries?” As a rancher in northern Colorado back in 1974, Dave Duell and some other men were at a cattle sale in Denver. After dinner they went back to their hotel room to praise and worship God. A mighty rushing wind of the Holy Spirit filled the room for over an hour. Out of that wind the voice of God spoke to Dave saying, “Dave, I’m giving you a ministry called Faith Ministries.” It was ‘Ministries’ with an ‘s’—God was emphasizing that there would be more than one.

Through this and other supernatural events, Faith Ministries Fellowship began from a Bible study in Greeley, Colorado, and grew to be an international church touching over 100 nations.

In June of 1992, the Holy Spirit spoke to Dave and Bonnie and told them to move to Denver and plant a church. The foundation was laid, a leadership team was assembled, and in February of 1993, Faith Ministries Church International began.

God has been faithful to bring many anointed believers and leaders from around the world to help build a strong home base—a place to call home—and reach the world for Jesus Christ.